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a collective group of artists founded in 1993 in Denton, TX, but have since expanded to include a facility in Brooklyn, NY. Puts on some of the strangest/most surreal/avante garde/most entertaining events i've ever had the pleasure to see. all events operate under one-night-only policy. if you miss it, too bad. some of my favorites over the years:

  • Overdue Paintings- Art on Reserve: an exihibit consisting entirely of art borrowed from a public library
  • a show where folk bands and space rock bands set up on opposite sides of The Argo, playing at the same time, competing for the audience's attention
  • Isolation Chamber: Three members were locked in a room with closed circuit surveilance for three days with nothing but 3 loaves of bread, 3 bottles of water and a see-saw that had to be kept moving at all times or a loud blaring horn would go off.

  • Rock Lottery: the names of 25 local musician were randomly drawn from a hat at 10a.m. to form five bands. they had untill that evening to write 3-5 songs(only 1 cover allowed) to perform for the rock show that night. there were 2 subsequent Rock Lotteries after this, and the event was also ripped off without credit by the clubs in Deep Ellum. best band names from the event: Magic Johnson: The Gathering, Gee Gee Allin Alda,
  • Benefit 25: Cornhole vs. The Dooms U.K.: one of my personal favorites. a full size wrestling ring was constructed inside The Argo. members of both bands had to come up with wrestler personas for themselves. the two bands then wrestled each other for the headlining slot.
  • Very Fake, But Real:a scale replica of the Good/Bad building was constructed, with a roller-rink around it on which rollerderby was played.
  • Benefit 31: "One man's ceiling": a "ceiling" was constructed above the stage at Rubber Gloves as though there were an apartment above the stage. fully furnished. throughout the night, as the bands played, the occupant of the apartment grew increaslingly agitated at the noise coming from below, stomped on the ceiling, yelled at his unruly downstairs neighbors and eventually came down and got in a scuffle with one of the bands.
  • Benefit 37: Pinch Hitter: there was a sign up sheet at the door, any one member of each band could be replaced for one song by anyone in the audience.
  • Good/Bad Burns!: rumors were circulated beforehand that the Good/Bad building was going to burn down that night. anyone driving by that night was treated to smoke machines billowing smoke and fake flames(the kind with orange/red paper having a light shown on it, being blown by a fan) in the windows
  • an event where the entire Good/Bad building was filled with styrofoam packing peanuts
  • during one rawk show benefit, all the members of E.F.F. played while jumping on a giant trampoline. not being able to take a drum set on the tramp, the drummer was driven around the crowd playing in the back of a pick-up truck
  • another personal favorite of mine, 3 frat boys were lured off Fry Street and walled into a white room with only a keg, a microphone, some markers and a window for observers. they shouted into the microphone, scrawled obscinities on the wall, and when the keg was empty, broke down a wall and escaped.
  • more as i remember them...
note: a lot of these were culled from memory, if i got any facts wrong, please /msg me.

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