A gravy boat is a common item of tableware. It consists of an elongated boat shaped dish which possesses at one end a handle for grasping and the other a spout used to direct gravy or sauce in the intended direction. It often comes with a matching saucer which hopefully collects drippings from the spout. Also sometimes included is a ladle of appropriate size.

Most gravy boats hold about 2 cups. One could make the suggestion that should more than 2 cups of gravy be desired, or heaven forbid actually needed, one should make the investment in a trough.

Gravy boats come in a variety of styles from utilitarian pieces which are little more than small oval tubs with handles to pieces as graceful as a Venetian gondola. The gravy boat becomes part of the dining experience, lending an ambience to the meal absent when gravy is slopped directly from a saucepan onto the mashed potatoes. A gravy boat is far from a frilly indulgence but should instead be viewed as an investment in refinement.

While a violation of terminology, a gravy boat works fabulously well for dispensing sweet and sour sauce, salad dressing, or other condiments which are fluid enough to pour.

Gravy has been part of the culinary arts for centuries. Gravy boat sounds so akin to the phrase gravy train. After all, both have the word gravy conjoined with a means of conveyance. While this is factually correct it must be noted that the gravy train may convey one to Easy Street while too much familiarity with the gravy boat will find one unceremoniously dumped on the doorstep of your local Jenny Craig.

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