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This term refers to any ninja who frequently attempts to push the bounds of his or her athletic and/or martial arts abilities in order to make unnecessarily elaborate moves, to use absurd items as weaponry, or, perhaps, just to get some extra 'points' or 'power-ups'.

More generally, this term can also be used to refer to any person, ninja or otherwise, who has a similar mindset to that described above. For example, a person who can ride a unicycle is considered skilled. If this person uses his abilities to impress onlookers, this is considered entertainment. Doing the same while juggling, then, is still considered mere showmanship. But if the aforementioned person figures they can eliminate a rival by running them down with the unicycle, and attempts to do so while performing the above ... this is the realm of the greedy ninja.

Now, perhaps it would seem that such feats would be advantageous. However, as time has told, these practices often lead to disaster. Or, if not, it is inevitable that, unless the person abandons these ways, ill results will follow eventually.

And so it is said; greedy ninja never wins.

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