Driver's delight! This traffic light means go. Of course, one should always operate a vehicle prudently by evaluating the circumstances at each intersection. Just because your light is green doesn't mean it's safe to proceed. After all, your fellow drivers may not share your state of sobriety!

This term has also entered the corporate vernacular to mean that a project has clearance to begin.

I wish they'd left me someplace where I could see the sky in the summer. Even in the winter, it's mostly branches. The winter is hard sometimes but I don't feel too much.

They could have left me in the water; some of us fell in the water and I don't know what became of them. Most of us fell on land. The only one near me is over by the rock, and it's been a long time since I could get his attention. Of course, it's been years since I tried.

They could have left me face-down. That would have been bad. Things could be a lot worse. I wouldn't want to be in the water.

The spring and summer are nice. The animals all come by and the green-gold light through the leaves is beautiful. One of these years the rotting leaves will cover what's left of me. I'll miss the light.

The green light is the most lonely of the three traffic lights. Compared to the yellow and the red light, they have little experience with other illumination than from their equal (not counting the lights facing other directions in the intersection.)

Red and yellow lights are often seen simultaneously on top of the same traffic pole. And rumors say they enjoy eachothers company.

The lonely green lights, on the other hand, are blessed with the gift to see one or two drivers smile when vehicles drive by.

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