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Grey Pine is a type of pine tree which is found on dry hillsides in California and Oregon. It is found in the Sierra Foothills, the Cascade Foothills, and the Coast Range, and prefers somewhat warm, dry areas where it will not be out-competed by other pines. It is often found in association with Oak and Chaparral.

This pine used to be known as Digger Pine, but this name was deemed to be offensive to the Native Americans who it referred to. The name Grey Pine is appropriate, however, as the needles of this pine are distinctively blue-gray. The pine nuts of this tree are edible and were used as a food source by Native Americans. This tree often has a very open form, and can grow to tower above other nearby plants. It is quite common in its natural habitat, and is considered one of the defining species of these areas. It is also a suitable landscape tree both in its native habitat and in other nearby areas, and can grow to be larger and fuller than normal if given water and fertile soil in a landscape setting.

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