Gum arabic, or acacia gum, is the resin exuded by Acacia Senegal trees. The principle applications for gum arabic take advantage of its emulsifying, film forming, and bulking agent properites. Among its many uses are:

Gum Arabic is a principal export of the Sudan, where the so-called Gum Belt is located. It has been an article of commerce since 4,000 B.C. and was widely used in Pharaonic Egypt in the preparation of ink, water colors, and dyes. The name gum arabic was derived from the fact that it was shipped to Europe from Arabian ports in ancient times.

As a product of the still-ongoing Sudanese civil war, Gum Arabic is harvested by slaves who are captured from Southern Sudan and taken to the North. I personally will not eat or drink anything that I know contains Gum Arabic, but that's just me. God I miss Mountain Dew.

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