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I've heard from more than one gynecologist that they really consider themselves to be a gynechiatrist, a psychiatrist for the sex organs. This is an almost necessary thing for an unattached but sexually active woman to have. Let's face facts here. You're not getting more than a few minutes into the exam at your friendly neighborhood gynecologist's office with having to fess up the facts of your sex life. And, if you have relationship turnover drama going on, this neatly ties your mental state into the state of your lady parts.

One can almost imagine the good doctor leaning in to enquire of the orifice, "and how did you feel about that?" But all levity aside, the single woman of modernity -- and perhaps her married counterpart -- would benefit to no end from the reassuring voice of reason to tell them during this most intimate examination how their worries may be worked through, and how everything will be just fine. And if you worry that this is inherently a sexist conceit, fear not, for what do men even have by comparison? What do you call a penis doctor, even? (Urologists may come close, but they deal in the entirety of the urinary tract, and so are for both sexes). In any event, it is not to be doubted that men talk about their penis-related mental health issues with their generalists enough to require a handy grasp of useful counseling methodologies.

Ah, and for the more.... adventurous we may also come to have the proctochiatrist; or some wise counseling from the ear, nose, and throat doctor.

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