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This is something I have been practicing for a while.

  • At least one naked body
  • Someone with long hair
  • The hair must be freshly conditioned and not straggly or greasy

The important thing here is delicacy and anticipation. Start at the toes, and work up to the neck. The giver and receiver must both be in comfortable positions. The giver starts off with the head quite high, so that just the tips of the hair touch the naked skin below. Start off very slowly. Build the antici-pation. Gradually build the rhythm, smoothly arcing the head so that the hair travels back and forth. Vary it. Swing side-to-side to give a snake-like pattern. Try storking in one direction only as well. gradually get deeper. Take it where you need to (depending on whether it is a sexual context or just a friendly hair massage).

I was pretty impressed by the Ally McBeal episode where Ling does this on Fish. I swear the writers of that show must be reading my diary!

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