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Health Bars are a kind of graphical indicator feature in many video and computer games. Functionally, health bars are the hybridization of the progress bar and the concept of hit points, providing a clear way to quickly and intuitively assess how much more punishment one's character can take before death or knock out. While all genres employ health bars at least some of the time it's most common in fighting games where quick feedback is crucial.

Health bars are typically horizontal colored bars or rectangles in the upper part of the screen. This configuration is near universal in fighting games and beat'em ups. More rarely they are located at the bottom of the screen or along the left or right side. They often appear along with other measures such as energy and stamina which are usually differentiated by color. Other times health bars change color as they decrease, usually from green through orange and yellow to red. Where it isn't an bar it's often a human figure, a ring, or another recognizable shape. While these aren't health bars in the strictest sense they're typically described with the same terminology. The main thing being that it's easy to read at a glance.


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