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You know her. She's the one with the low cut top, showing off what she's got to all and sundry. In summer, it's a singlet top, or boob tube, and in winter it's a long sleeve top with a plunging neckline. It's just her style.

She stands with her arms crossed to push her breasts together, to create better, deeper, sexier cleavage. She leans over in front of the boys so they can see her bra. She wears push-up bras, and is a big fan of the WonderBra, or the new oil-filled bras. It gets to be such a habit, she doesn't even notice that she's doing it anymore. That's just the way she stands, that's her natural posture, those are her favourite bras.

She doesn't need 40DD breasts, either. She might only be a B, or a C cup. Nothing huge. But she shows them off nonetheless. For that part, it's a good thing: she's showing that all women can be sexy, no matter what their size or shape.

Why does she do this? Did someone once tell her she had nice boobs? Or that they were small? Did she catch her reflection in a shop window and notice how good her chest looked? Is she just trying to be a "woman"? Conforming to WonderBra ad standards?

It's probably a self-esteem thing. She's getting attention from the boys. And she's noticed some girls giving her jealous looks. And bitchy looks. But she can live with the death stares, because maybe one day she'll get one of their boyfriends. If not, who cares? Everyone knows her as the one with the boobs, and there are worse things she could be known as.

They're her trademark.

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