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Anise, Chamomile (for prophetic and preventing nightmares), Cinnamon, Cinquefoil (for prophetic), Clove (for prophetic), Heliotrope (for prophetic), Holly, Jasmine (for prophetic), Marigold, Mimosa (for prophetic), Mint (for prophetic), Mugwort (for prophetic), Mullein (for preventing nightmares), Pecan (for prophetic), Pine (for prophetic), Rose (for prophetic), Rosemary Snapdragon (for prophetic), Thyme (getting rid of bad), Valerian, and Yarrow.

Magickal suggestions for dreams:

To dream about the future, try making a dream sachet or charm. Use any of the prophetic dream herbs above to mix in a pouch, the important thing is that it doesn't offend your nose. Drink a hot tea before you go to bed, drinking the whole glass with your eyes closed and your mind open. Slip the sachet under your pillow or wear it around your neck. If you have something in particular to dream about, do not just wonder about it; envision something happening that might actually happen, or if this involves a particular person or place, envision yourself talking with that person or being in that place, and just see what unfolds. Your daydreams should take you into night dreams.


To send someone dreams of any type, take pine needles or marigold petals and stroke with cinnamon oil. If you have any access to mint leaves to chew, you may do this as you concentrate. Breathe evenly and think about the person you'd like to send a dream to. This is especially effective if the person is at this time asleep, and MOST especially effective if you can hear their breathing and match it. The trick is to synchronize yourself with them so completely that you can think something to them; the mind is more open to such influences when asleep. Try to guide a dream for the person however you'd like. If another herb helps influence, use that in your mixture too. If this is to be done at a later date, try to "store" the dream in the mixture and slip it under the person's pillow, or hold it and think of the person if that is impossible. Please be cautious; this should be used for pleasure or messages, not for destruction, do not try to invade someone's dream to make them smitten over you or anything of the sort.


To get rid of bad dreams, drink a chamomile tea before bed and/or keep a sachet of thyme in your pillowcase, or even sew a dried piece of the plant into your pillowcase lining. If you need more protection from bad dreams, carve a protective rune or symbol in a light blue candle and let it burn while you sleep, in a safe place like your bathtub (only if you have no children or pets that could get to it).

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