Refers to the high pitched tone of singing often associated with bluegrass. The song "High Lonesome Sound" was written by Bill Monroe, often regarded as the father of bluegrass, and with it, the sound was born.

High Lonesome Sound

Well, get your mama, get your papa, get your sister, get your brother
Aunt Lucy's gonna show Uncle John
How to do the boogie woogie while the kissing cousins dosey doe
Until the break of dawn
Ya'll come with one another just to do a little pickin
Everybody now gather round
A campfire's burning and tonight my heart is yearning
For the sight of the old campground

And It's that high lonesome sound
When that evening sun goes down
Where I'm gonna dance right off the ground
When I hear a fiddle play that high lonesome sound

Yeah, come with Uncle, baby, now were surely gonna have some fun
And join in the country view
Toe-tapping picking, baby, music playing, Lord
And the girls are looking mighty pretty, too
Look at old Grandpappy, he's feeling kinda snappy
It seems like he just don't care
He's over ninety-three, he's as spry as you or me
He's just dancin' to the music in the air

Yeah, well yonder comes the mandolin
And the banjo's right here, too
Yeah, the bull fiddle's slapping leather (ooh)
I'm howling at the moon
Hey, mister fiddle man play us all a little jam
Yeah, that's the way Monroe said Uncle Pen taught him to play
Riding on the back of a mule

When I hear a fiddle play that high lonesome sound

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