High Score.

The best of the best.

The feeling rushes through you... you've defeated all other scores left by those who come before you. It is better, in some ways, than an orgasm.

But it's not good enough. You need to get a higher score. It is a virtual addiction, preying on your mind. Someone else might top your score, requiring you to get an even higher score yet again.

There is only one way out. Burnout. A total and sudden lack of interest. And it's not a way out that you'd choose, because you can still feel how good it felt to have

The High Score.

Okay, so nobody liked that... how about these?
Hai-score Haiku. =^_^=

Pac-Man gobbles dots
Ghosts fail to stop his advance
Ninth Key is the end

Tetris addiction
Turning blocks to fit them in
Even in my sleep

Playing Street Fighter
Kicking other players' butts
I'm the champion

Space Invaders drop
Moving towards your station
Blow them all away

Enter the arcade
There's a new game over there
Quarters slip away

Challenge my greatness
Nobody can stop me... hey!
I want a rematch!

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