"History repeats itself: First as tragedy, then as farce."

Karl Marx

There are good methodological reasons for a Marxist to believe just this. But that doesn't mean it isn't true. For instance, compare criminal proceedings against 2 U.S. presidents in recent years: Nixon and Clinton. Or "UN" military intervention in Korea and Vietnam, vs. Iraq and former Yugoslavia.

NOTE: "Farce" shouldn't be construed as "comedy", not here and not in the theatre.

You can also choose to interpret the phrase as a comment on historiography rather than on history; I'm not sure how much of a distinction between the two a latter-day Marxist would make.

In unrelated news, another voting system reform is coming to E2. What do YOU think will happen?

History Repeats Itself was the title and theme of the fourth piecepack game design contest launched in the summer of 2003. As of the July 11th, 2003 deadline there were only five entries that met the limitations of a historically based game using the piecepack pieces. Rob LeGood, the winner of the Changing Landscapes design contest, judged the contest. Phillip Lerche won with his design: Pharaoh’s Heir. His prize included two sets of piecepack pyramids in a hand-painted box, 2nd edition rules CD for the piecepack, the traveling piecepack trophy cloth, and a T.B.A. prize. This game was a detailed representation of farming and living near the Nile. Other entries included Eric Witt’s Berlin, Clark Rodeffer’s Black Thursday Redacted, Mark Biggar’s Chariots, and Eric Witt’s other entry Divorced Beheaded Died Divorced Beheaded Survived.

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