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A mythical beast reported to roam the North Woods around Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

The Hodag is over 7 feet long and 30 inches tall. It has bristly hair and spikes along its backbone and tail. The vise-like jaws will crush anything unlucky enough to get near the Hodag's menacing tusks and needle-sharp claws. You can relax a little (but only a little) because the Hodag chooses to devour white bulldogs exclusively (and only on Sundays).

The Hodag first appeared in 1896. Gene Shepard, Rhinelander pioneer and timber cruiser, snapped its picture just before the beast sprang at him from a white pine log. Later, Gene managed to capture a live Hodag and kept it in a covered cage.

It took a visit from experts at the Smithsonian to reveal Gene's beast and pictures as an elaborate hoax.

Nowadays the Hodag is best-known as the unofficial mascot of Rhinelander. A good likeness of one can be seen at the Logging Museum in town.

My personal view is that the famed grue is in fact a Hodag.

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