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An office concept, where the key element is to not have static desks and cubicles for the employees. Typically, a desk is equipped with a computer a chair and a phone. Nothing more, as all the regular office functions are accessed through the computer system. Some places there is only an outlet for laptop network connection or a wireless network. See also clean desk policy.

The hot desk system also gamble on the fact that not all employees are present at the same time. Telenor have a building at Fornebu with office space for 5000 workers, although there are 6500 working in the building. Some are sick, some have vacation and others are out on business trips. It's the same overbooking concept used by airlines.

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten ran a story about the Telenor office complex. It seems that companies using the hot desk system are more prone to illness in the work enviroment. But the technology is cool. From a geek side, it's a wet dream. From an employees' side, it's a dry nightmare.

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