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Ok, so, here's a little prank I came up with by accident. I actually managed to do this to myself by accident, so I know for a fact that it works. Of course, everyone's body chemistry is different (and we have different personal hygene habits) so your prankage may vary. Here's what you'll need:
  • The Victim: This should probably be someone you know closely, because you'll need access to their personal stuff. Plus, if you don't come into contact with them every day you won't notice the effects.
  • The Victim's Shampoo: Try and get it when the bottle is as full as possible. If it's a clear bottle, make sure the shampoo itself has some kind of colour to it or the victim may notice what you do to it. Oh, and it should be water based, so if your female roomate uses some odd oil based guava mango full body hair salve this won't work.
  • Alkaseltzer tablets: Four to eight actual tablets, so two to four packets. Make sure that they're straight alkaseltzer and not something like the new drug cocktail seltzer tablets (Alkaseltzer PM: Now with codeine).

Ok, so now that you've gathered all of your ingredients, find somewhere secluded where you won't be bother, preferably while your victim is away so that he or she will not walk in on you. Open the bottle of shampoo and assess the thickness of the stuff. If its at a swamp goo level of viscosity, consider adding some water to make it a little more loose. I'd say the consistency of honey does pretty well. Now, break the Alkaseltzer tabs into pieces that will fit down the neck of the bottle. Add all of them and shake until the tablets begin to dissolve. This could take a while, so be prepared to wait. You should do your best to hide the bottle (especially if its clear) until all the slow moving bubbles have evacuated. Now wait for your victim to shower.

So here's what happens: the Alkaseltzer will dissolve leaving a salt (I think its a chloride, I don't have any Alkaseltzer in front of me). When your victim washes his or her hair, the new additive will end up on his or her scalp along with all of the cleansing goodness. Depending upon how well he or she washes her hair, it may get dislodged in the normal washing cycle or it may hang around leaving a thick white sediment on top of his or her scalp. Congratulations, you have now given someone else artificial dandruff.
I don't know if the chemistry works out, but in practical terms this does work. Like I said, I did it to myself by accident just by playing with Alkaseltzer and shampoo.

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