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Two games

First, I make a bet. I can hold a burning match longer than you can.

Think about it. Put me right in front of you. Anywhere. Matchbox between us.

How is it done?

Did I win?

Second game. Only for the people who couldn't hold the match until it all burned, all of it,

without getting burned, without feeling anything.

If you had to bet and would have lost, I'm going to teach you something you didn't know.

If you won, go away if you want.

Light the match.

Let it burn a little, let the flame grow.

You're going to mess with the flame in a second, make sure it will survive, give it a chance,

lick your other thumb, and an opposing finger,

make them wet.

Gently get the spent match head between the wet fingerprints,

it should sizzle but not break.

Let go with the hand that lit the match.

Let the flame creep.

You're holding the match by the head, it's burning towards the end of itself, tilt it. Send the flame.

When it's all burned, it will put itself out

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