I do not challenge the existence of belief, I challenge its value. Before I start ranting, please peruse this list of things humans have believed. It will help me to establish my point:

A human baby is a tabula rasa. You can raise it, on purpose or by accident, to believe anything you want. If you do it properly, your child will interpret everything - even contradictory information - as further proof if its beliefs. And being an adult will not protect your child from further brainwashing. A properly designed culture and training program will impress any belief you can think up onto a human psyche. How could it be otherwise? Is there some belief out there too wacky for humans to buy into? Millenia of con men, prophets, teachers and scientists stand ready to refute such a notion.

There is a conclusion we must draw. Simple logic: If, as stipulated, human belief and faith is as malleable as play-doh, then it deserves no vote of confidence. The only thing reflected by the strength of one's belief is the extent to whilch one has been convinced of it. Believe in Jesus with all your heart. FEEL his power until your body shakes. It means nothing, save that whoever convinced you was a master of their craft.

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