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a piece of legislation in washington state that sets the price of all motor vehicle tabs at $30. also states that any new taxes must be voted on by citizens. currently before the washington supreme court so that they can decide its constitutionality.

an initiative pushed onto the ballot by the rich and greedy, people who didn't like the fact that after buying a new $40,000 suv, they had to pay an excise tax of $1,000 every year. some people thought that was unfair. after all, their dispensible income ought to go toward their own amusement, not toward repairing the roads they drive their brand new suvs on or toward public transportation for those who can't afford brand new suvs (or even 20-year-old honda civics).

the stupidest part is that it wasn't only the wealthy who voted this initiative into effect. the middle class and the lower class did their part, as well, short sighted as that was. so now people who went out and bought cars they couldn't afford in january (when i-695 went into effect) because the excise tax was only $30 have had to sell the car and find someone to take over the payments. but because of their decision, they can't depend on riding the bus since most bus service was at least halved, due to lack of funding.


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