The harmony of our laughter intertwines with a gradual crescendo as we walk through the park, each step joyfully scherzo. Accelerando! Skipping ever faster down the path.

Her hair cascades in legato waves as the wind blows through it. The rhythmic crashing of waves upon the beach providing counterpoint to the shrill cry of the gulls above. Softly, the wind whispers and the rustle of the grass and leaves surrounds us.

As the stars come out and twinkle like the sounds of thousands of tiny chimes, our pace becomes adagio. Our voice now hush and dolce, whispering nothings to each other. We take time to watch the heat lighting in the distance and listen to the far off rumble of quiet thunder. Crickets chirp and fireflies blink in a circadian rhythm as we gaze into each other's eyes and smile.

Music is indeed a woman.

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