A question one should ask if they find themselves being treated badly by a group of people, especially a community that seems to be friendly toward each other. Why? Because usually people don't go out of their way just to treat someone badly.

Now, we know there are some groups that do things like this. However, it's usually a fanatical group going after someone totally opposed to those views. For example, it's probably not a black person's fault that the KKK is after them, and it's probably not a homosexual's fault that reactionary bible-thumpers are out to get them.

But any group that's not at an extreme will either be open and friendly, or at least tolerant of others and willing to treat them civilly. So if they're not, you should try and figure out if it's something you did. Are you insulting them without reason? Are you treating them badly unless they agree with you? Are you acting as a fanatic? Is their treatment of you simply a reflection of your treatment of them?

When you go around kicking people, don't get upset when some of them start kicking back. Unless you're insane, of course.

how about....

Settling the Score

a recent study, conducted and authored by David Schroeder, Ph.D., found that most folks will ignore petty attacks either of a jovial nature or malicious intent.
however, 20% of victims of gags or barbs or other ills will retaliate.

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