I hear a lot about men who supposedly like women who put out, frequently and right off the bat. Well, that's if sex is the goal. And even if it's on your mind from the first date, would you be so receptive if you got it right then?

Sexual politics is something that, to a degree, the secular and non-secular world have in common, in that it is often standard to make the man wait for a period of time before she puts out. For some, the period is a few weeks or months, if it's a relationship you want, and for others it may even go as far as marriage.

So how is a woman seen by a man when she puts out right off the bat? Is she a slut? Is she sex crazed? Is she simply just as horny as men are, and maybe more so? Is she cheapening herself by not forcing the man to wait, to not, by default, forcing herself to have more control?

What do you think?

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