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Let's think about instantaneous travel. We're talking a finite change in position with no change in time. Infinite velocity.

Our trusty relativistic mass equation tells us that
m = m0 / sqrt(1 - v2 / c2).

Take the limit here as v approaches infinity. We approach zero along the imaginary axis.
Mass is zero. Or appears to be. But velocity is infinite. p = m v gives us p = m0 / sqrt(1 / v2 - 1 / c2) = i m0 c

p is constant. Of course, this all happens instantaneously, and the initial and final momenta of the moving mass are zero, we assume, meaning that momentum is discontinous. Force is either undefined (infinite) or zero. In either case we must posit an instantaneous impulse. A burst, if you will, of imaginary velocity.

The initial and final kinetic energies are zero, so the net work going into this process is zero. The possibility remains that this process relies on an infinite force employing infinite energy outside of time (or more accurately, for an infintessimal or zero length of time).

If you want to impose a spirituality or religious belief on this construct, it seems to fit reasonably well. And it explains one way that "God," "The Universal Force," or "synchronicity," could operate: by moving things instantaneously with some unknown stores of imaginary momentum.

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