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I was walking down the streets of downtown Albuquerque one cold winters day, and a homeless man asked me for a little money in exchange for some good advice. I thought I would just in case this was one of those wierd tests that god gives people in movies.

Bob told me, after i handed over a buck, that immortality was not as elusive a thing as one might imagine and that by using magnetic field and a blackhole you could some how collapse the gravity into a altered state of pure speed in which one could live forever. That sounded like a bunch of crap to me so I asked him for something I could use.

He was a little shocked and angred at first but he decided to give me a further application of the technique, in which one could make a twinky into a altered substance of sustaining unalterable perfection. When he started to talk about this I was really interested, about all i heard from the conversation was twinky, immortality, and creamy white twinky filling that would shatter the mind of a lesser man with its heavenly derived smooth deliciousness.

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