in/CASINO/OUT is an album released by the El Paso rock band At The Drive-In in 1998 on SoCal-based Fearless Records.

This album does not suck. People who first heard of ATDI through their major label debut, Relationship of Command, will not be disappointed with this CD. It is a little rougher, and lacks the more extensive production of Command, but this does not really affect the core sound of the CD, as production is usually icing on the cake. I think ATDI, and this album in particular, represents what punk has evolved into, both true to roots and open to influence.


  1. alpha centauri
  2. chanbara
  3. hulahoop wounds
  4. napoleon solo
  5. pickpocket
  6. for now..we toast
  7. a devil among the tailors
  8. shaking hand incision
  9. lopsided
  10. hourglass
  11. transatlantic foe
Recorded and mixed by Alex Newport.
Mastered by John Golden.

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