I just know in my heart of hearts that this write up isn’t going to be good enough. In fact, I’ve lost countless hours of much needed sleep tossing and turning about what I want to say here. Sometimes when I think about what I want to write, my hands shake so badly that I feel like an alcoholic jonesing for that next drink. In the deep dark recesses of my brain I know I can do better. I think to myself “Why does everybody else here find it so easy to write about things?” I struggle to find the right words but they only seem to make sense to me. I know deep down that I’m a born loser and that most of you hate me. The few of you that don’t hate me probably feel sorry for me and make fun of me behind my back when I’m not around.

All I have to do is try harder than the rest of you. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll accept me as one of your own. I doubt it though.

Sound familiar? If it does, then you’re probably suffering from some sort of inferiority complex of your own. Here’s some signs that you might be headed down that path.

Overly sensitive to criticism

Unnamed User says: “Hey Borgo, nice job on XYZ but you might’ve mentioned ABC in the w/u to provide some clarification.”

Borgo says: “Hey, Unnamed User, piss off. Keep your criticism to yourself or do your own #$%^&* w/u.”

Overly critical of others

/msg Content Editors:Borgo says: “Hey, I don’t give a shit how many of you chinged Unnamed Users last w/u. The dude has been a jackass since day one. I find his style trite and condescending to say the least. Besides, You're WRONG and you're a GROTESQUELY UGLY FREAK

Can’t take a compliment

Unnamed User says:”Hey Borgo, just a quick note to tell you I think you’re the bomb. I worship and adore everything you write and everything you do.”

Borgo says: "Really, can you be a bit more specific and compliment each of my efforts on a w/u by w/u basis? As for worshipping me and adoring everything I do, what I do here in my spare time isn’t even the half of it. Most of the time I spend searching for a cure for cancer and eradicating AIDS. When I’m done with that, I train seeing eye dogs for the blind. Isn’t that great of me?”

Nobody loves me

Unnamed User says: “Hey Borgo, I disagree with your point in your latest w/u dealing with the benefits of starvation and homelessness with respect to global warning.”

Borgo says:”Hey Unnamed User, what are you some part of some kind of conspiracy out to get me? So what my w/u has a -25 rep. All of those people hate me anyway."

Dealing with the competition

Unnamed User says: “Hey Borgo, I noticed you weren’t listed on Everything’s Best Users. Wouldn’t you like to be standing amongst the top of the heap?”

Borgo says:”Hey Unnamed User, Everything’s Best Users is nothing more than a freakin’ popularity contest and I don’t do those. For all I know all of those folks get together and upvote each others w/u’s just so that they can see their name on some list somewhere. Big freakin’ deal."

Come out, come out wherever you are

Unnamed User says: “Hey Borgo, I noticed you haven’t logged on in a few weeks and wondering if everything was ok?”

Borgo says:”Hey Unnamed User, not to be rude but please mind your own business. Why the hell do you care if I come here and write anymore. Shit, you’re probably one of my serial downvoters but are just too afraid to let me know. Do me a favor and leave me the hell alone.”

Later that same day...

Borgo says:”Hey Unnamed User,I'm sorry I said that. I'll just go away and never come back."

Commence downvoting, I know you want to.

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