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Hi, my name is icey, and I'm an information addict.

Seriously, I think information addiction should be added to the big book o' addictions. If a true info addict is anything like me, then the symptoms would be as follows:

  • Endless searching of inane bits of information, from the library to, of course, the internet.
  • You become a seemingly endless pool of information for all of your friends and family, who all call you when they are having a dispute about some ridiculous nugget of trivia.
  • You are almost always right when they call you.
  • When you get bored, you sometimes argue for the sheer joy of finding out how people will react. See also: asshole.
  • You start finding patterns in the most ridiculous places. For instance, only apartments that face north in my apartment complex end with the number three.
  • You obsessively read everything

Of course, the really horrible thing about information addiction, is the amount of research required to appropriately diagnose the problem.

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