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Your computer has been invaded by evil forces and all the icons set loose to wreak havoc! Only you can set things right by entering your computer's Inner Space and capturing or destroying all icons.

A Microsoft Windows 3.11 product written by SDI. It has received cult status and works on all windows platforms (I believe). It is essentially a bird's eye view shoot 'em up set inside your computer. The setting looks like space (black with white dots), but is only two dimensional.

The object of the game is to collect all the icons that are stored on your computer or to defeat your inner demon. Each icon you collect can go towards more guns, improved armour etc.

Along your travels you will come across other ships, with which an ally system forms. You help them, they help you back later, you attack them, them and their friends attack you. If you destroy a ship, all their icons and weapons are released in one "resource pack", which can be captured. This is the path of the pirate.

Piracy is illegal, if a police officer sees you do this you can be arrested and taken to the halls of justice. Other illegal acts include attacking a defenseless ship, firing upon an officer, and destroying a doughnut maker(!).

A trial version of the game can be found at http://www.sdispace.com/inspace.htm - the full game allows you to face your inner demon. The inner demon occasionally sucks you into his lair and attacks you. Stealing his "noble weapons" allows you to fight him. You need all four to defeat him and this takes time. Noble weapons includes the fantastic "enlightenment" weapon. Your inner demon is a replica of your ship, with your weapons etc.

Annoyingly addictive.

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