in the trash.|...]

Dec 22

you are a sweet sincere songbat
hearing the shape of the site
black test, white text,
trickery in the light

simple jokes so simple
punch lines, not so taut
What Purpose Does This Serve?
here is your presence
let's find out if you can give

Dec 21

i am a sweet|sincere songbird
------------|debby downer pinging
for sailing | tubs

The leaves are gone, but I will still sing.

i am a s----|s----e s---bird
------------|debby dow---ng
----sa----g | ----

The leaves are gone, but I will still sing.

December 20
9:00 AM --
Found this in a CD case with X's stuff. 'untitled001.wav' and the cover art is just a werewolf biting a guy's face off.
I don't know think they wrote it, but no idea who did. The other stuff is from 2014, or maybe earlier. Have fun tagging it up with me!.


head on my sleeve, glue on my grin
when the panic center of my brain clicks on
and nights turn into multiple days
biting through my barbed wire
until the goblins walk the street

and the beeper says critical failure, I turn feral,
unwilling to die
a survival
mating teeth with throat.

I am slipping.

back out of bad news and good news, like I have never fallen.
The transformation is complete when my shoes hit the pavement.
I am seen on the street, daylight.
Stomping past cigarettes with gambit eyes.
And cold blood on the air.

some nasty blood's been spilled
they can smell it through the air waves
but there's no meat for them only pidgin bones and
in the cold

a werewolf shouldn't live this way, even a monster can feel pain.
break his bones or feed his young, just don't keep him on a chain.

the wind
sings to shotgun verses, buck stalked in the night
released after daybreak, when the water hits my eyes

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