-Intoduction to insanity My world you may never know... In the darkest innermost lairs of all that was is and can be uncertainty. Where grown heros of men cower before thier inner childs curiousity. A place where goto When Worlds Collide, dance, and embrace lightly under a blanket of stars. On the slate of night, where the lights of one become a lingering wants and needs of another... This is a place not meant for most. This is insanity and I am your host...
Pleased to meet you in this river of thought. Faster than light but to move I cannot. Mabye in less than more I just might give a damn, But as invisible as I may be I still know what I am. Immortality is held between a dream and a mortal shell.
I may not live forever- But I can never die as well.
Confusing slightly in a world of obscene contradiction.
Imagination is limited by your own mind's resrictions.
So what if you live only to die while you play,
Mabye the so wrongly accused reality hated you anyway.
Before your finish lend me a skeptical ear,
So that I may prove that you reek of fear.
Terror so great that you simply fail to see,
You're running so far away only to return to me...
But the understanding you lack complicates the void,
So completely lost you are- now your confusion is employed.
Now get sucked in; Fed to all those who lied.
So complicated now, to hard, no escape ever if you tried....


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