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It's not uncommon for kids to have imaginary friends, but I'm not the common kid.

Some of my first memories are from when we lived in this house by a set of railroad tracks. I can remember the backyard with its yellow grass and green chunks of vegetation fighting for life. There was a large concrete patio and the backdoor had a glass window. This is rather impressive and scary for some because I was barely three years old then.

I'm talking to a little boy known as Joey and he's roughly the same age me. On this day I was playing in a small kiddie pool in the backyard. I'm splashing around having a good time. Then the next thing I can remember is having the feeling Joey needing to prove to me something special. I watch mesmerized as he, without collapsing the edge, stood on the flimsy wall of the pool. The next thing my memory jumps to me going inside to find my mom. The backdoor opens into the house and a staircase is leading down to the basement. I turn to the left where I see the kitchen and everything goes blank.

I also remember walking on the train tracks with my mom and her friend "squeak". The timbers are huge and my feet fit with room to spare on the steel track. I felt it wasn't safe being on the track like this, we walked a short while then we turned around, and returned to the backyard. Reflecting on this now, I had a deep connection to Joey. He came to me lost with out his family, a victim of an untimely accident.

Just a little insight on the power of the brain!

Three-hundred exactly, including this.

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