beige tiles at my toes, krispy kreme frosting 
sprinkled and sealed into the porcelain, white 
paint drippings blending in...are they all sprinklings of paint?  
no, no.  
far too much

door at my feet, open.. 
poor varnish job, thick runny drips frozen 
in a downward race toward the floor, cleaned up 
brown splotch, attempting to blend in, forcing you to 

     look up and     take notice of 
       careless       carpentry.  
       big long       U outlined 
       at the top   of the door.  
            was it a leak?  

sheetrock thrown up carelessly at awkward angles, no 
such thing as a right angle here.  skylight blowing 
coolcool air through its unsealed panes, the only 
way for the foul smell to escape is up since dripdrip of 
the bathtub faucet makes us close our door or we go 

     princess grace-.                 had her daddy 
     paint the bath  '                tub ... dirty 
     ceramic would wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww have eaten her 
     pedicured feet alive. but it was bathtub paint, 
     she reassured me. ya okay, whatever, dearie...
     it's peeling something fierce, now.  it lasted
     a year, she says content.  poor daddy ' s gonna 
     hafta scrape that there tub whether he repaints
     it or not.  princess would break a finger nail.   


 deep breath.  thought i was done.  
relax.  my gut feeeeels like it's being 
torn apart         and all i can do is sit
here and            wait because it stiiill 
feels like           there's more. just a bit
more i hope           gaaaaaaahhhhhh!! relax
flood rush           out but , buttt,  it's
hardly any           where near worth the 
effort it           took and i feel like
shit. gah.        cheap black plastic 
curtain n        poorly painted 
stamped?  golden sea shells.  
i hate gold, always did 
prefer silver.  and
that's one of the
things we laughed
at when i first 
moved in. make 
new friends but 
keep the old..
one is silver
and the other
gold. i got          is for poop.  
silver on the
back of the 
door.  rack.
ooh. right.

               chea -p polyester black rug 
               nappy like an afro, hig hly 
               flammable, i would t hi  nk
               Hm.  Imagining the bathroom
               ablaze is too easy.  badbad
               sheetrock drippy var ni shh
               no smoking in the bathrooom

crappy soft 
leaves icky
residue. er
is i t just 
me? does sh
e wipe sumt
in special?
is her prin
cess ass im
mune? filth
y overprice
d toilet pa
per leaving
its mark on              me. 


Always have reading material in your bathroom, kids.
You never know

Ir*reg`u*lar"i*ty (?), n.; pl. Irregularities (#). [Cf. F. irr'egularit'e.]

The state or quality of being irregular; that which is irregular.


© Webster 1913.

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