At least this seems to be the philosophy of students from Edinburgh University. By Bristow square is the Edinburgh University student union Teviot. On my arrival the the university I was informed that this is the oldest student building in the United Kingdom, that's as may be, it certainly has towers and stained glass windows and a very nice ceilidh hall on the third floor.

Outside of the ceilidh hall there is an entry way which is decorated with photographs of past presidents of the student union from 1890 something through to 1950 something. (Why the practice was discontinued I don't know). Of these pictures the most poignant must be the pictures of the young men from the first and second world war who stare out at from the yellowing photos wearing their officers uniforms. I often wondered how many of them made it back.

Above all of the photographs a large mooses head is bolted to the top of the archway. Any group of students who manage to remove the head of the moose and provide evidence that they managed to relocated it more than a mile from Teviot get their names placed on the mounting board of the moose's head. I believe only three groups have been successful to date.

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