He wasn't supposed to be there. It was meant to be for official business only.

But it was late. No one else was around. Who would know if he borrowed the vision for just a moment?

The vision crackled before him as he reached inside. Filaments of light sprang forth from the core, out to his fingers.

He could still see the room, but in his mind's eye he could imagine her, imagine her face, imagine the room behind her that came into focus as his mind melted into the vision.

She was in a house, a home she had made for herself. It was in a far-off land that he had not known before, but he could locate it now with the vision's help. So it was true she had set sail for lands beyond.

She had a new life now. There was a man with her. They were sharing a meal.

He felt his heart twist. She seemed happy. Happier than she had been when they were together. He wanted to be happy for her. But he couldn't.

He wanted to continue watching her from afar, but his thoughts overwhelmed him. He felt himself burning up. He had to leave.


The wind blowing off the cliff was cold. It bit into his ungloved hand. The ribbon flapped like crazy between his fingers. He gazed at its reds and crimsons. It was as beautiful as ever. Or maybe it only appeared beautiful because of who it was associated with.

She was happy now. She was free. He opened his hand and the wind took it, dancing with the gray. He watched it swirl down into the valley. Another dream extinguished.

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