Not to be confused with this, the more commonly used "trash" rag. The jake rag is the Swiss Army knife of linen. The term is used at UMass and its source is believed to be Leominster, Massachusetts. Though the term may be UMass-specific, virtually every dorm room has a jake rag, in some incarnation or other.

The Jake Rag: A Synopsis

So what is it? Usually it's a dirty towel, in keeping with Hitchhiker's Guide ethos. However, it may also be an old sweatshirt, bedsheet, or pillowcase. Socks and t-shirts are usually too small to be of much use.

Uses of Said Item

Well, these are just some of the uses. Of course, the are many permutations developed by cunning college minds.

Disposition of the Jake Rag

This is important. There are several methods that you can use to successfully sterilize or get rid of your jake rag:

  • Outright Disposal: This is a common method, indeed it is the suggested method. Just throw it away and don't look back. In retrospect then, it should be noted that you shouldn't use anything you won't miss.

Let's say you want to keep it. Here are some procedures you can try, depending on the severity of use. It may be good to save everything, but sometimes, ending is better than mending.

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