Jamyn. (pronounced j-min) .. My name. I had wondered for awhile where the hell my parents came up with that name. I like it, its kinda cool, but it kinda made me curious. I asked my parents, and their reply: We liked Benjamin, but decided to take off the Ben part, and redo the spelling on the jamin part.

heheh. I like it.

Anyway, about a year ago, I was thinking to myself, "mmm, should I go ahead and register Jamyn.com? I mean, it would be kinda cool to get jamyn@jamyn.com email.." but I decided against it. I mean -- how many Jamyn's are there in the world, right? No rush.. Heheh. Thats what I thought.. until I went this February to actually register Jamyn.com (I had some ideas of stuff I wanted to do.) Too bad:

Jamyn xxxx
xx xxxxx xxxxx
London, xxxxxxx
Registrar..: Register.com (http://www.register.com)
Domain Name: JAMYN.COM
Created on..............: Sat, Jan 22, 2000
Expires on..............: Tue, Jan 22, 2002
Record last updated on..: Sat, Jan 22, 2000

He beat me to it! hehe. Actually, what was more shocking was that there WAS another Jamyn in the world. I'd searched Google, Dogpile, and all the other search engines before, looking for another Jamyn -- but all I came up with was some 17th century poet or whatever. I emailed the Jamyn in the UK and said hello.. he was suprised as I was that there was another Jamyn. Regardless, back to the point. Jamyn = Me. =)

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