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The k programming language is an APL derivative that uses the ASCII character set. Since ASCII is slightly less self-documenting than the original APL character set, this is a reference for the important symbols of k.


  • ' each; example: *'x; ``first each x''...the first element of each member of x
  • \: each left; example: x+\:y; ``x plus each left y''...add each element in x to y, returning each sum.
  • /: each right; example: x+/:y; ``x plus each right y''...add each element in y to x, returning each sum.
  • ': each pair; example: +':x; ``plus each pair x''...sums of all adjacent pairs in x
  • / over; example: +/x; ``plus over x''...add all x, accumulating results
  • \ scan; example: +\x; ``plus scan x''...add all x, accumulating results and returning a running sum after each

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