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Fragmentation will occur.

Your world will begin to spin, but it won't be dizzying.

Music will become fragmented.
Vision will become fragmented.
Thoughts will become fragmented.

Chaos will ensue.

Soon, you will find yourself completely removed from your surroundings and your body. Your entire life will be presented to you in a nice little box.

Open it.

Also: You can't be bothered to move, for love or money.

Some people like this, others find it annoying. If you like just basically zoning out, then K is probably a good thing for you to try.

It's pretty dark here.
But I can see so much.

Am I an electron?
A disembodied eye?

I'm coursing through circuits in some Gibsonian Matrix...

This is insane!

I am not afraid of death
I never want to leave here.

Welcome to the house of ket. You won’t know why you’re here, or what here even means, but rest assured, someone somewhere sees this. And that someone is you, just somewhere else.

It's a strange drug, and the k hole is a strange place. Limbs heavy, body light. Hands on face feel a thousand miles away. The darkness of my eyelids illuminates the back of my mind with a bright white light. Physicality is an abstract notion, and this is just a simple fact. How good it feels to escape my body. So good I clamour for the next line before the last one has sunk.

It's a lovely dangerous feeling, and like all good things it is fresh. And no comedown. Perfect.


They acted normal as far as I could tell while sitting outside on my porch at night without any light coming from the fixture mounted by the door. Their motor functions weren't impaired, but you could tell they weren't quite all there menatally. Everything was normal when these three guys I knew came over. Soon after I was in a world of confusion when they told they had insufflated a small amount of special K; although, the preferred to take this drug is by intermuscular injection, because it takes less and produces a stronger high. They said, they only took a tiny amount compared to cocaine, and it kept them high for about a hour.

Their moods and personalities were different from normal, and I had to ask a question several times before it would sink in and have one of them to give me an answer. They were infatuated with their own ideas. They were in their own world with limited contact to the outside. In a hole, you could say. While in the hole some say they experienced alien like visions of their lives and conversations with god like figures. These hallucinations in the medical world are called emergence reactions, and would be more like DXM and PCP, and not shrooms or LSD which can produce dancing shadows and vibrant colors.

After having to ask what it's like a couple times, I was fielding answers from all three of them. "You get lost in your pocket", described one friend as another tried to explain to me the k-hole.

The other two agreed, it's like getting lost in your pocket. One of them told me about how he lost his cell phone. The phone was still in his pocket, but when he stuck his hands in his pockets he couldn't find the phone. His words came out slow and stilted, talking was hard but not impossible. Then the other guy said he felt like he was actually lost in his pocket. This for them I guess described the out of body,disassociated feeling that comes with ketamine.

Soon the conversation was on three different topics again and I felt like a untrained border collie trying to herd a flock of sheep back to the pen. In this case the kitty kiddies back to the original topic of conversation. It seems that the feeling induced by this drug is so simple it never takes the person long to describe it thoroughly.

Imagine the k-hole as feeling confused constantly, and the ability to be dumbfounded by those things stupid. Time stands still, and your movements seemed delayed and controlled from a remote outside source. The cause and effect of problems for some are easily recognized, and the emotional connection to spoken words more intense. The experience is pleasurable, but isn't very rememberable which is typically expected with higher doses.

Experiences may vary due to weight and mental state.

This is only my experience viewing the k-hole's inhabitants, but some highly suggested reading can be found at;

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