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The practice, on Slashdot, of posting things that will be moderated up, hence improving one's karma rating, leading to the infamous Slashdot posting bonus. Because many people choose to read Slashdot with a threshhold of at least +2, this is often the only way one can get one's posts seen by more people.

However, once the bonus has been reached, there is really no point to further karma whoring, no matter what Slashdot malcontents might say--there is no further posting bonus, and the only person who ever sees one's own karma score is oneself.

In some light, the idea of karma whoring could be considered a good thing, as it leads to people attempting to post well-thought-out and insightful screeds--the sort of things that are likely enhance the discussion, and hence be moderated up for more people to see.

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