Finnish for "fox".

For some reason, I think the word is really fitting. Beautiful word for such a cute animal.

There's also a Finnish folk song about foxes, included below in Lilypond format. My 3rd/4th grade song book included it in music theory section, as an illustration of pentatonic scale. (I had not heard it before, but the book says it's a traditional tune.) I like this one too, because it gets to the point and tells what it's about ("fox, fox...") describes what the foxes are like ("Foxes have light feet") and ends with "joo-op" ("Yeeee-ep"), with the last "p" giving some unexplained quality to it.

(I don't know why the heck I like foxes, or word "kettu". It is just cool. =)


Finnish traditional (though regrettably less known) tune.

For GNU Lilypond music typesetter.
Entered By Weyfour WWWWolf (Urpo Lankinen)

2001-04-17 Weyfour WWWWolf -- <> <>


\include "";

\header {
  composer="Finnish trad.";
  enteredby="Weyfour WWWWolf";

% ==================================================================

foxymelody = \notes {
     \clef "treble";
     \time 2/4;
     \key c;

     g'4 e' | g' e' |
     [g'16 g' g' g'] [e'8 a'] | [g'16 g' g' g'] [e'8 a'] |
     [g'8 g'] [e' e'] | [d'16 d' d'8] [d'8 d'] |
     g'2 | c'8 r8 r4 \bar "|.";

foxylyrics = \lyrics {
     Ket- tu, Ket- tu,
     ke- li- ke- li ket- tu, ke- li- ke- li ket- tu,
     Ke- tul- la on ke- ve- ät ken- gät
     joo- op.

	\simultaneous {
	    \context Staff \foxymelody
            \context Lyrics \foxylyrics

           linewidth = 14.0\cm;

	\midi {
            \tempo 4 = 110 ;

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