I have heard this way too many times, usually from old people. This is, of course, completely false. The problem with kids is not that they grow up too fast, it's that they don't grow up fast enough!. To argue my point, I will be defining a term:

capabilities = the combination of rights and privileges.

What we see are kids with capabilities which are greater than in past generations, but without a concurrent increase in responsibilities. This allows for the extended adolescence which is so common in the Western world. An unfortunate, though hardly unexpected, consequence of allowing such a relatively carefree existence is a poor understanding in many youths of that age-old adage actions have consequences. I have been amazed by the number of people I know in their twenties and even early thirties who are utterly irresponsible and immature, and currently ruining their own lives and those of people around them due to their out of control "whatever" mentalities. The unacceptably high level of illegitimacyamong teenagers, particularly among black teens is partially due to this phenomenon.

Kids should be given more responsibility early, so that they can handle pressure and responsibility more effectively as teenagers and adults. If the kid gets too uppity, remind him that the food he eats, clothes he wears, TV he watches, and car he may never get to drive belong to you and if he wants the privilege of using them, certain responsibilities go hand in hand with those privileges. Responsibilities and rights are inextricably linked. Rights devoid of responsibilities is only good for those receiving the rights. Responsibilities devoid of the rights appropriate to them is a form of oppression.

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