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FPS from Namco. Built up and hyped on the idea of laying suppressing fire, taking cover, and that you can fire around corners without exposing yourself. It's set in the near future, and your character, Bishop, is a highly trained paramilitary supersoldier, with some kind of implants in his brain which allow him to communicate with base.

The story is pretty thin, and takes a backseat to the action, but who cares. Basically, some bald guy named Archer, your superior officer, who narrrates the game, killed Bishop's wife then erased his memory, reprogramming him to do death missions around the globe, in Archer's hopes of starting a war. How? Why? These are not for you to know. The plot doesn't matter anyway, it's just a game about guns and violence. But it's pretty good, all in all. Namco delivers a solid example of the action shooter.

Play Control/Fun: These kinds of games, the first person shooters for consoles, mainly differ from the PC FPS in that they have an over the shoulder third person view of the character, and you aim and move with your thumbs on the analog sticks rather than the good old mouse and ASDW on your keyboard. This can be awkward at first, but the reality is that most to all fps style games for the PS2 have this control configuration so you WILL get used to it. In the wake of the better selling Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the game tries to be the antithesis of stealth action, and contains a few homages to MGS2. In particular, a stage set on an oil tanker, and a comment about "so I guess this isn't a stealth mission?" and one of the guards comments to another before you make yourself seen, says, "It was a stormy night, just like this. And it was on a boat, just like this!" and indeed this is not a stealth action game, it is a balls to the walls shoot-em-up, where firepower is king. The levels are hard enough, with lots of guys in each scene coming at you and everyone's firing at once. The game really steps up with aggressive enemies and forces you to take advantage of the take cover feature, and blind fire, and suppressive fire. If you run around, guns blazing without taking cover, you die FAST. It's rather short on play time, even on hard, but it's a fun game to replay. I give it four out of five PS2 controllers.

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