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When I was a young lad I had a lot of toys with wheels. Unfortunately, some of the bottoms of these toys were low to the ground, which meant their wheels didn't run very well on thick carpeting. Since all of the floors in our house were carpeted--except for the kitchen and bathroom floors, which were tiled--this usually meant there were times when the kitchen became my play area.

Some toys that required the kitchen floor were things like dinky cars (especially key cars) and weird battery-operated things from Radio Shack, like Hootbot.

The kitchen was usually off limits when Mom or Dad was cooking or something, and sometimes things got lost under the oven.. but it was worth it.

For the past few years I've shared kitchens with a bunch of different people I've lived with, and y'know what? The kitchen floor ain't as clean as Mom and Dad used to keep it. Fuck.. spills and grit galore.

Part of the reason the kitchen floor's uncarpeted is to keep spills easy to clean, because it's likely shit's gonna get spilled in the kitchen.

Note: If you happen to spill shit on the kitchen floor, it comes up a lot easier if you wipe it up immediately. That way it won't stain, get sticky or get tracked in on the carpet.

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