i am not sure
but the boss, don marquis,
talks about this ridder guy
almost like he is some big company
the boss drops his name all
the time and usually with no
major romance attached if you
get the drift
always both names too
something about the san jose mercury
the name of some rag or other
anybody got the goods
it would be a good sized help
for your hard working roach
yr pal archie
Medieval slang term for the the English longbow, referring to the fact that it was really effective in getting rid of those pesky knights in their full body armor.

From the point of view of a longbow arrow, chainmail can be thought of as a series of loosely connected holes.
-- Terry Pratchett, don't remember which book. Lords and Ladies, perhaps?

Ok, so much for the joke on a misspelling of Knight Rider that most people will see here, but Knight Ridder is actually the name of a large publishing company that owns a lot of local newspapers in the USA. They are listed on the New York Stock Exchange as KRI.

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