The large intestine can expand to five times its normal size. Have you ever seen someone with a very large protruding stomach and skinny legs? This person may very well suffer from severe constipation, they are literally full of, well lets say, excrement.

Once the colon has expanded to allow for the storage of the excess fecal matter, the muscles (peristalsis) in the bowel that normally push the food through the digestive system, become stretched and lax and can't function normally.

Elimination then occurs when the pressure becomes so great, it pushes out one large bowel movement that may have been ingested two to seven (or more) days prior. The fecal matter that is not eliminated begins to ferment and putrefy in your colon, becoming very toxic. These toxins remain in your body putting you at risk for auto-intoxication, the re-absorption of of toxins into your bloodstream.

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