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New advances in scanner technology have removed the limitations of earlier raster images allowing for true laser video. The video images are scanned line-by-line, just like a still raster image. Laser video projectors have several advantages over normal video projectors. The images are brighter, with more brilliant color. Because of a laser beam’s low divergence, giant objects, such as the sides of buildings can become screens for laser video. Because of the brightness and heat associated with an LCD projector, the size and throw distance of the image is severely limited. This is much less of a problem for lasers. Also, laser video does not need to be focused like an LCD projector, and even images projected onto curved, uneven, or angular surfaces remains in focus. Additionally, laser projectors do not need to be fully centered on the screen like an LCD projector. They can project the image from sharp angles onto the projection surface easily compensating for keystoning and other distortions.

In short, if you have ever had to set up one of those massive 30,000 lumens LCD projectors you are probably now realizing that laser video rocks!

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