Last seen (now!)

says I saw your daylog. Want to talk?

Last seen (2 seconds ago)

says And now I've told you everything about me and you've told me nothing about yourself.

Last seen (4 seconds ago)

says Things are alright with me. I just broke up with a girlfriend of about a year or so, and I'm in that funny transistory phase where you feel weird doing things on your own. You know how when you get thoughtful, and you do that inner monologue thing where you're aware of your own thought processes? I have that all the time, and it prevents me from feeling anything. I am very much removed from the experience of the world and have no idea how to find my way back.

Last seen (8 seconds ago)

says Figures. The nice ones always have someone else. Thanks for your support, in any case.

Last seen (16 seconds ago)

says I have to go very soon, but I'll be back in a few hours. Might you be on then?

Last seen (32 seconds ago)

says If anything I'm asking is too personal, just let me know. I don't want to overstep any boundaries or make you uncomfortable.

Last seen (1.1 minutes ago)

says Forget that gentlemanly crap. It was the right thing to do, so I did it. What I'm trying to say here is "you're welcome".

Last seen (2.2 minutes ago)

says It seems to me that people who don't think they know what love is are the people who think about it too much. Like me, for example.

Last seen (3.3 minutes ago)

says In what way? I can't imagine that. And 'just for you' directive received and understood, captain.

Last seen (4.4 minutes ago)

says Damn. I have to go. Talk later.

Last seen (5.5 minutes ago)

says re A time to fail: My favourite thing that I personally have written is partially about the contemplation of suicide.

Last seen (6.6 minutes ago)

says Can you be more specific? I don't really know how to answer that. "Because she left me I suppose."

Last seen (7.7 minutes ago)

says In the real world, it is almost always women and not men who are waiting under windows.

Last seen (8.8 minutes ago)

says Just dropping in to say hi! I have to run now though. I'll talk to you tonight. Missing you…

Last seen (9.9 minutes ago)

says You make me laugh. Do I make you smile?

Last seen (10 minutes ago)

says I’m envisioning a brave new world, the old one is slowly being taken over by Greek yogurt and Greek olive oil. It’s all I can think about, do you see WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME!

Last seen (20 minutes ago)

says You’ve got it all wrong luv. I’m the one at your feet. Srsly.

Last seen (40 minutes ago)

says I am not enslavable for long. I have a karma mechanism in place which inflicts such damage on the future lifetimes of people who do me ill that they quickly realize I should always be free, for the benefit of the whole world.

Last seen (1 hour ago)

says Is your interview soon? Are you still freaking out?

Last seen (2 hours ago)

says You can run on adrenaline. Just believe in yourself and try not to worry. Make sure you eat something.

Last seen (4 hours ago)

says You should never be so hard on yourself. You are beautiful, I knew that much. And if you ever believe that you are not, look at your kids. They hold your youth, they hold your beauty. And they are gorgeous. *hugs*

Last seen (8 hours ago)

says Me too. Let's not fall out.

Last seen (16.2 hours ago)

says I sense I may just have been insensitive, and if I hurt your feelings I'm sorry.

Last seen (1.4 days ago)

says I'm sorry but I save the L word for special occasions when nothing else will do.

Last seen (1 week ago)

says You're crazy Jessica. I would never leave. And I would never leave without saying goodbye, to you if to no-one else.

Last seen (2 weeks ago)

jessicaj says Just dropping you a line. Haven't seen you around in a while. Hope things are going well. j

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Most recent writeup E2 Nuke Request

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_____ is a chatterbox forward for __________

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