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One of those tight-fitting everythings that should be in a wardrobe used to torture someone that likes you. Such trousers look good on men and women who have nice curves all throughout their body.

Although I don't have the means to try on a pair of leather pants, my favorite brush with people who do wear them involves a girl from an Ute Lemper concert, and Ute herself who are dressed alike wearing leather coats and matching leather pants! I had a picture taken with the both of them and I can't help but notice that they both looked so sexy together.

when wearing this particular piece of clothing, especially if it's the cheap 'pleather' kind:

always, always, ALWAYS wear some form of pantyhose beneath them. Yes, men, this goes for you as well. If you do not, the pants will stick to your skin and you will itch like nothing you have ever felt before. This is not only distracting but embarassing. The pantyhose can also help to eliminate underwear lines, or enable you to go without underwear entirely.

Good stuff, man...

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