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A Mexican coffee drink made of very hot espresso coffee mixed with hot milk in a collins glass. The mixing is done right at your table.
In La Parroquia the waiters take pride in pouring the hot, steaming coffee from as high as possible. And they never spill it !

The lechero is a tricky form of drinking coffee: the smoothness of the brew will convince you that you are not having that much caffeine. But you are: by the third glass you will rip off your shirt and start doing single arm lifts of your table, while yelling "ME TARZAN".
Or you will simply dive into a fascinating paleness+tremors+paranoia+cold sweat episode. Either way, watch those lecheros.

The lechero was also the milkman who would come door-to-door to my aunt Esther's house in León, Guanajuato, and leave a couple of glass bottles of milk, from Leche San Marcos. Then one year, the milkman no longer came by, and we had to walk to the corner store to buy our milk. The cartons, with their aluminum foil-type lining, were strange to me, mostly because they were small and nothing like the gallon jugs I was used to back home.

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